Membership and ePOD Certification

Physician owned distributorships (PODs) that wish to become AASD members have always had to undergo a rigorous application process and extensive review to ensure they are operating in a highly ethical and compliant manner. Now AASD is helping patients, hospitals, and others in the health care field easily distinguish our distributorships by branding those that have met our AASD rigorous quality standards with the ePOD mark.

The AASD Standards that members must meet to receive the ePOD designation serve to protect patients, hospitals and society. To establish the standards and policies, the AASD Board consulted surgeons, hospitals and implant companies, reviewed published commentaries from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG), among others. The Board also consulted with some of the most experienced legal resources in the United States.

ePODs must do more than maintain legally compliant business structures. AASD ensures that all ePODs go beyond simple compliance by proving to be the lowest average cost vendor, capping annual price increases, submitting utilization data for audit, and more. In addition, members are required to renew their membership and certification on a regular basis.

AASD is the only organization that can provide ePOD certification.

In order to become a member and certified ePOD, applicants must demonstrate they are meeting AASD’s standards and policies.

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This is a critical time in health care where innovative models need to come forward to control costs. Surgeon owned distribution is exactly that. And while the model has demonstrated clear cost savings and improved efficiencies, it is imperative that an association such as AASD, along with its members, protect patients, hospitals and society.

Dr. Paul Burton
AASD Chairman of the Board